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Tag archive for : cold sore case study
L-Lysine Cold Sore Home Remedy Case Study

L-Lysine Cold Sore Home Remedy Case Study

While it’s know that L-Lysine has been used as a home remedy for cold sores, little is known about just how effective it is. During a randomized, double-blind study using 7 participants, 6 showed that could be effective at decreasing the frequency of cold sores. However, only 2 participants showed that L-lysine was able to decrease the severity of an outbreak. Initial Studies The first study into the effectiveness of L-lysine supplements was performed in 1978 during randomized screening tests. During the test, patients would receive 11 tablets of 500mg L-lysine tablets, to be taken on the onset of an outbreak, and at the beginning and end of each day … Continue reading

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