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How Do I Return My Product?

If you are not satisfied with our product, you may return it with proof of purchase, within 90 days of date of purchase, for a full refund. Simply give us a call or use the contact form provided.

Does InterceptCS Cure Cold Sores?

Our product is meant to prevent cold sores, this however doesn’t mean that recurrence isn’t a possibility. Our product is not to be used while you have a cold sore, but before during the Prodrome  (Tingling) phase. By using InterceptCS, however, you can live a life free of cold sores forever! Check out our stages of cold sores article for more information.

What's Included In My Purchase?

When you order InterceptCS, you will be provided with one handheld cold sore device, two treatment activators (for the first two outbreaks), and information on cold sore prevention. For additional info, visit our shop.

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